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Spring is Coming!

The Snowbirds would probably think us lucky Floridians have been enjoying Spring since last Summer, but the season is changing, and there are some things we have to do in our yards at this time of year.

You should by now have mulched all your planting beds, or at least arranged for it to be done soon. If you receive "The East Lake Times" you can refer to my article in last month's issue or simply click here to go to our news & information section for further details and advantages. It is also important to remember that we did not have rain last year until June!

You can start pruning back your Crepe Myrtles now, and they should flush out new growth within a few weeks. But wait until mid-March or April before pruning any plants that may have been damaged by frost. We may still have another frost, which could kill any plants pruned too early.


This is also a good time to check your irrigation system, and make any necessary repairs. Much easier to do now than in the middle of Summer! I can't over-stress how important it is to have a properly functioning system in these times of severe restrictions.

You should also start watching out for bugs as the warmer weather returns. Aphids, chinch bugs, and other insects start new life cycles soon, and you need to be prepared to take counter measures.

Finally, don't forget to apply a good balanced fertilizer to your lawn, shrubs, and palms. Be careful not to use too much; follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, or hire a professional. Don't wait until you see stress and damage - remember, prevention is better than cure. If you want an attractive trouble-free landscape, you really need to adopt a regular program of fertilizing and pest control. A typical program would include 6 applications per year to lawns, of liquid or granular fertilizer with insect, disease, and broadleaf weed controls, and 2 different applications for shrubs and palms. Make sure that free service calls are included in the program, so that the inevitable outbreaks of pests can be dealt with swiftly without expensive call-out fees.

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